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The Haunting of Volo, H Wallace Gale Died in the Civil War, and then He...

H. Wallace Gale (1842 - 1863) he was 21 years old.

Son of Gardner Gale and Louisa Williams Gale
H. Wallace Gale served as a soldier in the Civil War, and is said to still be walking the grounds around the Volo Antique Mall. Experiences of guests and workers have happened so often, that Discovery Channel’s now ended Ghost Lab had decided to investigate the claims.

Soldier Details:
Historic Volo Cemetery
Wauconda Twp, Lake County, Illinois
Tombstone inscription: Inscription:
Co. D 92 Reg. Illinois Vol.
Volo Cemetery, Wauconda, Lake County Illinois, USA
Gale , H. Wallace
Battle Unit Name:
92nd Regiment, Illinois Infantry
Company: D
The 92nd Regiment, Illinois Infantry was organized at Rockford, Illinois, and mustered in September 4, 1862. It mustered out at Concord, North Carolina, June 21, and discharged at Chicago, Illinois, July 10, 1865
Soldier's Rank In:
Soldier's Rank Out:
Alternate name: H. W./Gale

As you walk toward the grave of Civil War soldier Wallace H. Gale at the Volo Cemetery, you just may feel a burst of cold wind.
Wallace Gale it is said haunts the Volo Antique Mall, which is right next to the Volo Cemetery.
The building that houses the mall is owned by the Grams family and once was a dairy barn built in 1848 by the Gale family. Wallace Gale, who grew up on the property in an old farmhouse next door to the barn, starved to death in Tennessee while serving in the Civil War.
His body was returned to the homestead for burial, and you can see the tombstone from a window in the antique mall.

Over the years, mall visitors have reported seeing a young boy staring at them from outside the window on the fourth floor. Others claim to have seen perfume bottles floating in the air, and images of a soldier.
The family, employees and visitors to the mall kept their allegedly haunted grounds a bit of a secret, until the Discovery Channel — which hosted the now-canceled television show "Ghost Lab" — learned about it.
According to the show, a shadowy figure was captured on film sitting on some furniture inside the mall. The shadowy figure, some say, was the ghost of Wallace H. Gale.
Televised in November 2009, the show prompted more guests, workers and the family to come forward with more ghost stories and, since then, mall visitors have sent in photos and stories about creepy experiences, mostly at the mall or the grounds nearby, including stories of white dogs walking through mirrors, dolls found in strange places and a boy peering through the fourth-floor window — from the outside.
The Original Dairy Farm, and Farm House

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