Thursday, March 26, 2015

Disturbingly Odd, and Creepy Easter Photos

What ever would the holidays be without pictures to remember all of the good times, and sometimes the nightmares that go with them. Oh sure, you can look back and laugh at them now, but for a while you know they invaded your dreams, and threatened to eat you. Just take a look the these below. Who knows, maybe you are in one of them... Follow dddavids's board Creepy Easter Bunny Photos on Pinterest.
Ahhhhh, nothing like a little walk, or run, down memory lane to get you into that Holiday spirit, huh? That, of course, is not the best part. No, not at all. The best part is now that you are all grown up (assuming that you are), it is now your turn to come up with those "special" holiday memories for those unfortunate people near you. I believe they call it "The Circle of Life" :)

Have yourself a seriously Happy Easter, and may you find yourself surrounded by Marshmallow Peeps, and Chocolate Bunnies!

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