Monday, April 20, 2015

Top 10 Weird, Scary, Odd, or just plain Strange Lawn Ornaments

You have seen them driving down the street in your home town, or maybe on family trips. They leave you in awe. They leave you in wonder. They leave you in envy, or they just leave you asking "What were they thinking"... It's the ever present Lawn Ornament. We hate them, we love them, and we can't live without them. Would you like to see them now???

Of course, our personal lawn ornaments, the ones we have in our own yards, are perfectly's the neighbors that get a little strange, and border on tacky, if not actually tacky. You know the ones, the flamingos, the lawn gnomes, or that lady bending over in her garden showing her backside...yea, that one. Who wants to look at that. It just proves that the grass may be greener over there, but just look at how they have decorated it. Anyway in honor of this strange, and unusual tradition of adorning ones personal, but visually public space, I thought I would do the honors of posting a few of my favorite, and real (meaning that you can find these for purchase) yard decorations.
Just a few thoughts, the eyeball. Well, I just don't know what to think, or say for that matter. I do like the guy coming out of the sewer, and what looks to be a zombie in the pond. I could possibly find a space for just one Easter Island guy, but not a herd of them, but not a shark, or dinosaur... Meerkats are not my thing, but I guess they are cute. Speaking of cute, big foot is not. Nor is that other weird tree thing coming out of the ground, but they would be o.k. for Halloween, where anything goes. In closing, I guess if you really didn't like people visiting, the yard full of skunks would be great, or maybe just the guy in the yard with them. I think either one would keep the populous away. Cheers!

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