Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Creative ideas for outdoor wall and garden decorations.

If you are like me, you like the idea of outdoor garden art, but not the prices. It seems that everything I like has to be $50 +, and it is just not in my nature to pay that when I could do something on my own that I may like better, and it would be mine, and mine alone. The only question is...what to create?
First off whatever it may be, it must also be old looking, and have a tinge of eeriness to it. I like fountains, but the chances are that I would not have it running most of the time. Same with candles, which I like a lot, but they would never be lit. So that leaves us with things that just hang or stand there, and look good.
1. Personally I like salvaged things, particularly in metal, like old gates, and building ornamentation, and sometimes you can find them cheap, or even free if someone is throwing them away. Metal chairs are also good. I don't like using wood because it doesn't last long, but again, that's just me.
2. Window frames can be a interesting addition, if you are going for that rustic look, and if they are placed somewhere such as under a porch, they do tend to last longer. I also like old garden tools, but I have not used them on the grounds as of yet. I have done mirrors, and old picture frames in the past, but they do not hold up for ever.
3. Old Lightning Rods, and Weather Vanes are always fun to look at, though these are a bit harder to find at a good price. I do like them though.
4. If you are going for that Vintage Garden look an old bike, or cart would be a good idea, and they instantly create an old feel. Planting Urns also give you that old world look as soon as they are placed outside.
5. Lets not forget the statues... I like cherubs, and already have a few of those sitting around the gardens. Cherubs love looking out at the greenery, and they look great there, but what ever you choose, be sure to make it your own.
Gardens should be a place of peace, and contemplation, and should make you feel as one with nature. This is how we as humans recharge our batteries. You wouldn't feel very good if you walked outside only to see weeds, and junk all over the place, and it's not good fens shui, but that's another story. Enjoy your gardening this year, ad remember, if you only have a balcony, that's no excuse not to make it a retreat that you can enjoy.

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